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MinguasBeef 05-18-21 08:14 AM

How to prevent font string from being multiline?
Is there any way to prevent a font string from being multiline?

I'm creating my font string like so...

frame.Texts[1] = frame:CreateFontString(nil,"OVERLAY")
frame.Texts[1]:SetFont("Fonts\\ARIALN.ttf", 14, "OUTLINE")
frame.Texts[1]:SetPoint("LEFT", frame, "LEFT", 2, 0)
frame.Texts[1]:SetPoint("RIGHT", frame, "RIGHT", -2, 0)

When I have text that is long and contains spaces though, the text will go onto the next line. I'd rather the text just cut off like it does with long names that do not contain spaces.

Fizzlemizz 05-18-21 10:27 AM

Set the size or set TOPLEFT/BOTTOMRIGHT.

Seerah 05-18-21 12:21 PM

MinguasBeef 05-19-21 05:38 AM

Thank you to both of you! Much appreciated.

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