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Nort 12-27-06 05:36 PM

Looking for... 2 mods.
A while back, I had a mod that would pulse my screen red at the edges when at 50% health, and get increasingly brighter/faster as health dropped. It could be programmed to do the same for low mana. For the life of me I cannot recall the name of the mod.

Does anyone know the name of the mod, and if it has been recoded for 2.0?

I am also looking for a simple, small damage meter like Recap for 2.0. Has anyone seen a 2.0 Recap, or something very similar?

Thanks in advance!

Nort :eek:

Sajomatic 12-29-06 01:57 PM

Banzai Alert is the one i know works with 2.0

No mana support tho =(

jackbytor 12-29-06 03:18 PM

Try Emergency. Lots of options, including low mana


Nort 12-30-06 11:38 PM

Banzai doesn't seem quite as configurable, so I'm going to give Emergency a whirl. I've recently gone to a widescreen format, and have shrunk my UI way down, so anything that gives me a warning at 25% or so is great.

Thanks much to both of you!

Cheers! :cool:


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