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sigg 10-11-14 03:57 PM

[RDX10] Carbonite integration
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Dear all,

The new expansion is almost there and the client version 6 will be available next Tuesday.

Like every new expansion, RDX is not ready ... I will see if I can release an alpha edition next week.

Let's start with the major addition in this new version, it is the integration of Carbonite.

It is not linked to the work of the current author. It is a totally new fork of the Carbonite open source code.

The following features are now available for RDX :
The MAP engine, the POI system, The Favorite system, the tracking system.

About the quest module, only the track Windows has been written, I hope it will be ready for 13th November.
There are still a lot of things to do.

Stay connected :)


sigg 10-27-14 11:49 PM

The map system is available as a tab feature
If you right click on the box of the tab, you will be able to open the map like in the picture

Our version of Carbonite is already 100 % using Blizzard Mapid. The old carbonite mapid have been already removed.

Our version is also independant of the client language no need to maintain localization file for each client

The user interface framework NxUI has been replaced by RDXUI. I don't like NxUI because there is an OnUdapte script in every widget element that kill the system itself in term of performance.

All the map data, POI, Fav, use world position and no more zone position. To prevent the system to always convert zone position to world position.

The minimap is no more integrated in the map, too many issues to maintain that.

Next step will be the integration of the quest module and the gathering data.

Your feedback will be really appreciated!

Thanks you

zork 10-28-14 04:22 AM

Man that is sigg. :-)

sigg 10-28-14 01:31 PM


sigg 11-18-14 04:59 PM

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Important, in 10.0.7, map data has been transferred in the disk RDXDiskMap, folder maps. You will find a file per mapID.

Each map use global location for example FrostFireRidge use X -2490 and Y -4665. If you change these values and click on the disk save you will move the zone on the map.

So please don't touch the files.

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