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Itsmaxyo 08-02-21 10:07 PM

Adding Masque support to an addon SamyTotemTimers
Hello, I was wanting to see if anyone could help or show me how to go about adding masque support to the addon SamyTotemTimers, simply allow the icons to change just like masque works for weakauras ect. --link to addon from curse. here is the icons as is. Would like to try to take the small borders away and allow the icons to change with masque. This is for tbc classic too btw. Would really appreciate any information.


Kanegasi 09-29-21 03:09 PM

Here's the bare minimum if those buttons are standard button frames:

Lua Code:
  1. local Masque=LibStub("Masque",true)
  2. if Masque then
  3.     local group=Masque:Group("SamyTotemTimers")
  4.     group:AddButton(button1)
  5.     group:AddButton(button2)
  6. end

You can browse the Masque wiki if you need more options:

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