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outplayed 09-28-15 06:22 PM

Ultiframes changing without addon???
Hi people,

in the past for about 9 month i have seen a stream.
there was a guy with a smooth interface. so i asked him out how to get it.
he sent me a link to this website and i downloaded some files and put them into my wow folder.

that wasnt an "addon" by that meaning. my old pc crashed and i got a new one. now i am trying to get it back but my search didnt do well..

so thats why i am trying to REALLY get some help there.

thats an old screen of mine. as you can see, raidframes, HPbar of player and XPbar look more smooth
i want it back.

can someone help me pls?:(

Dridzt 09-28-15 07:05 PM

Looks like LortiUI

outplayed 09-28-15 07:24 PM

thank you for reading.

yes, it looks pretty the same, but as i said: this wasnt an addon that way.

and also: this isnt ti. ):

wardz 09-28-15 09:06 PM

Could possibly be Santa UI Textures

outplayed 09-29-15 03:34 AM


Originally Posted by wardz (Post 311219)
Could possibly be Santa UI Textures

thank you sir. <3

u found it :)

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