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Tercioo 07-15-16 10:35 AM

"Screenshot Captured" isn't in the highest strata
Dunno if this is intended, but it's hard to tell if the screenshot was taken or if I mess pressing scroll lock or F12.

The image shows the screenshot confirmation below the frame:

Kanegasi 07-15-16 03:00 PM

The "Screen Captured" text is generated in the ActionStatus child of WorldFrame. According to WorldFrame.xml, ActionStatus is set to TOOLTIP, which is the highest frame strata.

The issue lies with the Details addon. The report frame, and possibly other frames, set their strata to TOOLTIP along with using SetFrameLevel. When a frame sets a frame level, it is automatically higher than any other frame in that strata that has not set a frame level. ActionStatus does not have a frame level set.

You can fix this using ActionStatus:SetFrameLevel(129). You can either use that in a macro, paste it into any addon, or make an addon just for that. According to old tests I found, which could be out of date, levels above 129 are ignored.

Tercioo 07-16-16 12:12 PM

Tooltip strata confirmed, no addons enabled but still the "screenshot captured" isn't showing:

ceylina 07-16-16 12:44 PM

Can confirm Tercioo's report, even if he has an ungodly small monitor :P

Here's a better shot to show what happens. No addons enabled.

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