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Voxxel 08-13-19 07:14 AM

Macro to monitor the chat

I have an idea for shape up the afk-camping of rares.
Since I need rares from different locations but I can be at one spot once, it would be ideal to watch the chat because players often announce other rares I'm looking for. While afking, I'm unable to read the chat but is this possible to do with a macro, script or addon maybe?

When someone announce e.g. Soundless in the general/whatever chat can a macro/script/addon fire a wow sound file to alert me? Is that possible by any way?

Terenna 08-13-19 07:35 AM

To answer your question, Yes. An addon can absolutely scan each chat message for phrases and then play a noise if it "sees" one. It does require the person typing it to match (spellingwise) a list of names you'd like it to play the noise for. You could even have the addon turn on and off depending on what zone you enter automatically so it doesn't pick up false positives in trade chat or some random place.

Voxxel 08-13-19 01:26 PM

That is great news! Would you please share an addon's name if you know any that does the thing?

myrroddin 08-13-19 06:19 PM

SilverDragon, RareScanner come to mind.

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