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Cairenn 11-04-05 04:42 PM

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As I said on the post on the front page, for all that I'm "press", I'm not a reporter. I'm just a regular person. This was my week:

Wednesday, 26 Oct 05

Wasnít able to sleep at all last night, too excited. Caught my flight out of Ottawa at 9 am local time. From there to Toronto, spend a couple hours sitting around, then on to the next step, Denver for another couple hours. From there to, YAY, Orange County LA, arriving around 4 pm local time (7 pm back at home). 10+ hrs traveling, all told, not including the couple hours from when I left the house in Ottawa until my first flight departed.

Slouken met me at the airport and took me to my hotel. Wandered down to the Convention center after he dropped me off, got myself checked in, picked up the passes for Dolby & Kaelten. Snagged dinner at the Outback Steakhouse, then back to the hotel where I passed out solid, not having had more than 2 hrs sleep since waking Tuesday.

Thursday, 27 Oct 05

Slouken picked me up around noon, went and had lunch with his family, then off to Blizz HQ for the afternoon! All I can say is, if you ever get the opportunity to go on one of their official tours, take it! The folks at Blizz really are as friendly as they seemed at the Ďcon. The thing that impressed me most, though, is the fun, energy and enthusiasm they bring to their jobs. They really do love WoW, for all that it is their ďjobĒ. I got to see lots of stuff, most of which Iím not allowed to talk about, obviously, since I got a less official but much more in-depth tour, go go NDA!

After my afternoon at Blizz HQ, Slouken whisked me back to my hotel where I hooked up with Kaelten and then to meet up with Dolby, Kudane & his wife Leah, and some other friends of theirs for dinner. Lots of firsts for Cairenn on this trip. First time Iíve ever gotten to meet all of these people that have been friends, guildmates, and colleagues for all these years. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Benihana. Another first for me, Iíve never had Japanese before. Our chef was a real comedian and the food was delicious.

Back to the hotel and try to get to sleep. Had a hard time, too excited!

Cairenn 11-04-05 04:44 PM

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Friday, 28 Oct 05

BLIZZCON!!!! YAY!! What to say? Iím not a ďreporterĒ to give you all the ďofficialĒ reports that you can read at many of the other sites, Iím just lil Ďol me and all I can do is to give you my impressions. First of all, the lines! OMG, the lines! Arriving at the convention center, I can say that I was mighty glad for my press/FSP pass that allowed me to bypass the general line and just walk on in. The line just to get into the center stretched around the block. Iím not sure just how long it stretched, since I never did see the tail end of it. And inside, a veritable sea of humanity. The line for the goody bags was over an hour long by the time I arrived. The line for the store was at least triple that. Through copious use of our cell phones, Dolby, Kaelten, Slouken and I were all able to find each other and head in for the opening ceremonies. Lots of information already out there about what is upcoming in the expansion, but from everything Iíve read so far, no one has yet mentioned the one thing that brought *THE* most resounding cheer: linked auction houses in all the major cities! Other things already mentioned include:
  • An increase in the level cap to 70
  • Two new playable races, including the magical Blood Elves
  • New starting zones in Quel'Thalas and beyond
  • The entire new continent of Outland, reachable through the Dark Portal
  • Many new high-level dungeons to explore in Azeroth, Outland, and elsewhere
  • New flying mounts in Outland
  • Many new and dangerous monsters, including epic world bosses
  • Hundreds of new quests
  • Hundreds of new items
  • A new profession: Jewelcrafting
  • Socketed items
Of course, one of the things that got asked repeatedly throughout the entire length of the Ďcon: what is the new alliance race. They (Blizz) did a real good job dodging that one. Guess we get to wait and see. :)

Spent a great deal of time wandering around, just looking at stuff and talking to people after the opening ceremonies. Lost Kaelten somewhere along the way, but managed to meet up with Iriel! YAY! More hugs! Hugs make for a happy Cairenn. :)

Wandered down the street to Subway for lunch with Dolby, Iriel and Slouken, where we flopped out on the grass outside and talked geek for a while. UIs and code and websites, oh my!

Back to the convention center and time to sit in on a couple of the panels and for Slouken to do his stint at the signing table. If I remember we sat in on the Professions and Items Panel, then Slouken did his hour at the signing table during which Iriel and Dolby and I wandered around a bit looking at the various booths set up, but mostly hung out near the table in the hopes of finding more folks from the UI community. Then off to the Dungeons Creation Panel.

Coming out of the second panel and trying to decide what to hit next, my cell phone rang again and time to hook up with another long time friend, Chris. He was the one that told me about the passing of Keith Parkinson, my reaction to said news already being posted. Back inside I told folks that I needed to go back to my hotel room to get changed for the evening. So, I lied a little. I needed time to myself to get pulled back together and not bring everyone down. Hence, I missed dinner with everyone. I know there was lots more geek talk (UIs and code and websites, oh my!) but I donít know what all it consisted of. Somewhere in there, Kudane showed up too and met up with Dolby and Kaelten.

Hooked back up with everyone in time for the C.ocktails & Contests. Again, what to say that hasnít already been covered elsewhere by those better at these sorts of things than I am. What pictures we have will be posted soon-ish.

Back to the hotel and time to sleep. Didnít take long to drop off this time, I was *tired!*

Saturday, 29 Oct 05

Slept in! Didnít actually get to the Ďcon until almost noon. Found Kaelten, Dolby, Kudane & Iriel. Slouken at home, wife sick. Hit up the Character Class panel and the Comic Panel. Again, spent most of the time other than that just wandering around, talking geek and looking for others from the UI community. Looked at the continuing lines for the store and gave up. =/

Dinner, quick change of clothes and time for the concert. Slouken showed up for that, we lost Kudane and Kaelten though. Thatís okay, we partied none-the-less, Dolby, Iriel, Slouken & I.

Short day, since I over slept.

/edit Oh, I knew I forgot something! *laughs* Yeah, we were partying, alright, to the point that we got threatened with being thrown out of the concert! We couldn't get down into the mosh pit, so we were up dancing in the aisle. (Yes, I even got Dolby up dancing with me! Hah!) Next thing we know, we've got a security guard telling us that we aren't allowed to dance in the aisle and to go back to our seats and dance there, or leave. Hehehehehe.

Cairenn 11-04-05 04:49 PM

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Sunday, 30 Oct 05

Dolby & Kudane take me to Disney, since Iíve never been. Wheeeeee! Cairenn is a *major* adrenaline junky. Roller coasters and haunted houses and drops from thousands of feet up! YAY! Spend the day wandering around Disney, talking and hanging out, just enjoying the fact that Iíve finally gotten to meet all these people face to face. What more is there to say? :)

Get a call from Iriel, heís heard from Quutar and Silvershadow. Get in touch with them, make arrangements to get together for dinner. Call Slouken, invite him, his wife and their daughter to join us as well. Spend *hours* sitting around in the restaurant talking. Yes, more geek talk. UIs and code and websites, oh my! That and just plain not wanting to call it a night, since itís my last night in town.

Finally, canít put it off any longer. More hugs all around, bittersweet this time, and back to my hotel to pack and get ready to fly out in the morning.

Monday, 31 Oct 05

Alarm goes off way too early. Slouken arrives and drives me to the airport to catch my 9 am flight home. 10+ hrs of traveling again, and my bodyís sense of time is *completely* screwed up, between time zone changes and the change in time from daylight savings to regular, as well. And it was worth every bit of it. I had a fabulous time. And now that my pictures are out there, whether I will it or no, thereís no longer any point in my continuing to hide up here in Canada any longer, so (hopefully) Iíll get more opportunities in the future to get out and actually meet all these people that Iíve called friends for all these years and to hang out in person. :)

/edit: More pictures here

mondinga 11-04-05 05:53 PM

Make me jealous~ Perhaps there shall be a next year.

Kudane 11-04-05 06:46 PM

Well I have to say it was a blast to have Cairenn out here. I will be posting some pics by sunday (watch this post) to add to her diary of her trip.

First, Cairenn hates pictures. Second she is a cute as a bug and comes out great on film!

So fair warning to Cairenn pics are coming (evil smile)

EDIT 11/7/05

Cairenn has sworn she will post the pics I sent her so watch for new pics. And if any or her are missing, I will post them (wink)


Cairenn 11-04-05 07:23 PM

Yes, I hate cameras, no, I'm not cute as a bug, no I don't come out well on camera. :p

Osagasu_Jiyuu 11-04-05 07:44 PM

DAMN those mages in the red robes are sexy (or, "my number is 803-555-4528!" ;) )

Anyways, I will be trying my damndest to go to the Blizzcon next year, if there is one. With luck I'll actually have a job! >.> <.< Or maybe Blizz can pay for my ticket (no, really Slouken/Blue, I'll let you! ^_^)!

Sargeras 11-05-05 01:50 AM

Who is that tall handsome guy pointing at Dolby? :D

Dolby must truly be THE MAN.

Cairenn 11-05-05 02:28 AM

Speaking of which, where are my copies of the pictures you took? I can't very well add them to the collection if you don't send them to me!

(Tall, yes. Handsome? Weeeell ... ;) )

LittleWhiteDove 11-05-05 07:38 AM

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The pictures are great and it is nice to see some of the people responsible for this site and other parts of our WoW life. Glad to get a non-professional report, seems more real that way.

shouryuu 11-05-05 08:57 AM

Ugh, I just dreamt I was at blizzCon :(

Dolby 11-05-05 11:55 AM

I think my favorite was still the Hollywood Hotel ride.

That entire weekend was so much fun we have to do this again!

Cairenn 11-05-05 11:55 AM

E3 in May, yes? :)

Norek 11-05-05 02:32 PM

Ok seeing as I havent seen pictures of everyone, my only question is why couldnt you post names along with the pictures >< you have pictures of like 15 ppl atleast but no names to go along with for those who havent seen them already :P

Cairenn 11-05-05 02:39 PM

Hover your mouse over the thumbnails, the names are there. :)

VIB 11-05-05 05:22 PM

Put names on the pics! Who is who?

Cairenn 11-05-05 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by Cairenn
Hover your mouse over the thumbnails, the names are there. :)

As stated. :)

VIB 11-05-05 05:25 PM

I'm obviously not good at reading. Thanks :P

Cairenn 11-05-05 08:09 PM

Edited some of the pics to add names :p ;)

gaelynn334 11-06-05 10:47 AM

Ahh was ashame to miss it. Good report was nice to see it from a more personal view. :)

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