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TULOA 04-22-14 01:56 AM

Addon file suggestion.
Is it possible to get the downloads for each file listed?

Then we could possibly use this as a way to monitor addon user growth. I know this is a somewhat bad example due to redownloads from new machines and such but its still an idea.

I dont know how much flak ill get for this but curse shows each files downloads as well as I believe wowace. So I thought it would be neat to have it here.

Ketho 04-22-14 12:38 PM

I have to agree with Tuloa on this.

It's kinda hard to see how many users/downloads there are for your addon if only the summation of all file downloads is shown :(

Cairenn 04-22-14 12:52 PM

This is on our list of things we want to add to the site, unfortunately we just haven't had the time to add it as of yet. It is a known request though. :)

Ketho 10-25-16 10:39 PM

Thanks Dolby and Cairenn for finally adding this feature :)

Torhal 10-25-16 11:26 PM

I don't see a breakdown per file on my projects... where is this?

Ketho 10-26-16 01:06 AM

If you hadn't already found it, it's monthly downloads on the author / AddOns List page

(Downloads per file would also be nice though)

Edit: I was so happy there was finally something to compare addon downloads with that I totally forgot it was monthly instead of per-file, soz :S

Torhal 10-26-16 01:27 AM

Ah, I see that - the original post was concerning per-file, though, which is why I was confused when you said thanks for its addition. :)

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