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Sorlo 06-17-16 03:35 PM

Stand-Alone Warehouse ?
I would like to see a Stand-Alone version of the warehouse, I've tried to install it alone since you guys separated all your different modules and it still considers itself dependent on the maps module which makes no sense if the Warehouse was just keeping track of Character inventory/bank/currency/profession data.

As it stands right now I can not use Carbonite Warehouse in my current setup as it apparently conflicts with Gathermate 2 when trying to utilize the Carbonite just for the Warehouse, as the Maps module has an option for tracking gathering nodes that even when disabled still conflicts with other addons.

Addons currently in use in setup:
Titan Panel - Default package (Titan, TitanBag, TitanClock, TitanGold, TitanLocation, TitanLootType, TitanPerformance, TitanRepair, TitanVolume, TitanXP)
GatherMate2 - Tracks my Gathering Nodes. Works well with Blizzards Default Map UI
Stubby - Informant is Dependant on this
Informant - Loaded only to see whether something can be purchased from a Vendor when buying things.

Rythal 06-17-16 09:02 PM

The reason it depends on Carbonite is due to all graphics, windows, menu actions etc are in Carbonite itself, not the warehouse module.

Without Carbonite there would be no warehouse screen :)

myrroddin 06-18-16 07:03 AM

You won't get the look, feel, placement of options, etc, etc, but Altoholic has almost everything Warehouse includes. Of course, Altoholic might be overkill given its other features. I'm just putting it out there as an option.

Keep in mind that Warehouse and Altoholic do not exactly cover the same things, but they are close.

miguelgarbutt 04-10-18 01:06 AM

Is it good?

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