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Marsgames 02-11-17 07:09 AM

Create a "user link"

Is there a way to create something like a "user link", to whisper someone by clicking on his name ?

In fact, I have an addon who get player name and link when someone loot something and print it, and I wanted to be able to whisp this person just by clicking on his name.

p3lim 02-11-17 07:40 AM

hyperlinks, specifically the player one in your case.

Marsgames 02-11-17 08:09 AM

Thank you so much, i found exactly what i needed

SDPhantom 02-11-17 07:38 PM

These are specifically for local display in your own UI. Sending them in chat is a different story and the server filters these heavily to prevent faking of messages. If a link doesn't match a list of approved link types and are paired with their appropriate color codes, they'll be reverted to normal text.

Marsgames 02-12-17 05:02 AM

It's ok, I wanted to create a link for me, to do an action other than whisp when I click on the name of someone

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