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FranekW 06-09-19 04:02 AM

Change default pins on the World Map
I have just released an addon that shows some icons on the World Map for jewelcrafters. It's a module for HandyNotes. I realised that Blizzard also put pins at the same locations, which cover icons rendered by HandyNotes. Blizzard's pins are important because they indicate if players can still interact with Shrines and collect gems.

The first thing I thought would search to make custom pins rendered at the latest, after Blizzard. But it is difficult because I don't want to alter HandyNotes addon.

I also thought I could do two other things: change the Blizzard pin's properties e.g. make it transparent (if possible) and add a comment to game tooltip to let a player know Shrines are still ready to interact with. I cannot find out API for those things: both how to change icon and how to get info about profession. Any ideas? Thanks.

elcius 06-09-19 05:13 AM

if you can determine which DataProvider the pin comes from (you can check by calling :GetPinTemplate() on the pin button), you'll be able to hook or modify the Mixin in some way to make icon or behaviour changes.

FranekW 06-10-19 04:34 AM

Thanks. I did not know Blizzard use Data Providers. I checked the link you have provided and found the same list of files on Townlong-yak. I found another list of objects and files on

My problem is that I have no clue how to establish the name of the icon I am interested in. The websites, including your link, have no graphic representations. Is there somewhere any website that store icons that can be found by name or any list of all icons?

jeffy162 06-10-19 05:31 AM

Please excuse me for interrupting, but, you might be able to use \fstack (or \framestack) to find out the name of the icon. Just type it in to chat, which will bring up a "tooltip" in one corner of the screen that will tell you what is under your cursor. Hover on the icon that you want the name of, and you should be good to go. Just type it again to stop it.

I really don't know if doing this will help you out or not. I haven't played WoW now for three years, but doing this used to get you the information you were looking for. However, I never used it to get a name for an icon on the map, so it might not work for you, but it's all I could think of.

elcius 06-10-19 06:38 AM

just mouse over the pin and type "/dump GetMouseFocus().pinTemplate", then find that template file.

FranekW 06-10-19 03:05 PM

Thanks guys. I managed to identify that icon. Now I just need to figure out the way to hide it.

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