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Yukyuk 10-03-19 09:14 AM

Historia Classic
Historia Classic

Ever wondered when you entered the world of warcraft classic for the first time?
When you you did your first, maybe 10th or latest quest?
Maybe you want to know what day you spent the most gold?

Historia Classic can answer these questions (and a few more) for you.

Historia Classic records several events that happen during your wow lifetime and lets you see them.

Also you can earn Achievements. The more achievements you earn, the higher your achievement rank will be.

An overview of some general information about your character and some Historia statistics.
Also you can see a model of your character. She/he will even bow to you.

History about the levels you gained.
Information about when you reached some milestones.

How many gold did youe gain or spent on a day/month/year.
And on what date did you gain/spent the most.

When did you gain a new rank.
Historia also remembers professions that you have unlearned.

When did you gain a new rank.
You can see your weapon and class skills.

On what date did you do what quest.

Time line
An time line of your recorded history in Historia.
See it per day, month or even per year.

Historia achievements is a number of achievements you can gain in Historia.
The more you reach, the higher your achievemnet rank will be.

Version History
Version 1.3
- Introduced a slash command to hide the minimap button

Version 1.2
- TOC version updated
- Removed a debug statement

Version 1.1
- Professions achievements were not properly counted.
- Initialized the dates on the profesions and skills tabs so they are shown correctly.

Version 1.0
- Initial version

Yukyuk 10-03-19 09:14 AM

Here I will try to answer the questions people have about Historia Classic.

Q: How do I open/close Historia.
A: You can use the /Historia (or /HR) command. Or use the button Minimap Button. Or use the LibDataBroker button that is available (I Use Titan Panel).

Q: How do I hide/show the minimap button.
A: Use the slash command /HR minimap off to hide the minimap button.
A: Use the slash command /HR minimap onf tos how the minimap button.
A: You need a reload to see the result.

Yukyuk 10-03-19 09:22 AM

Historia classic Main tab
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Historia classic Main tab

Yukyuk 10-03-19 09:23 AM

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Historia classic Achievements

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