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Igrac813 07-16-20 11:18 AM

Names for different frames in WOW
I saw this post

and it helped me do some of the stuff I want but an issue is I dont know all the names of the things I want to turn off while out of combat like the mini map or different bars.

Is there a list of the names that wow uses so I can add those and run those scripts?

Also is there a tutorial post with this script info so I could play around with it?

Thank you

Seerah 07-16-20 12:00 PM


LudiusMaximus 07-16-20 12:35 PM

Yes, /framestack or for short /fstack.

Notice that pressing ALT toggles through all frames under your mouse cursor.
Pressing CTRL opens the "Frame Attributes" window for the currently highlighted frame.
Pressing SHIFT toggles additional texture info.

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