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Papaya_freak 12-04-06 12:21 PM

My UI, could do with a little help please
ok so basically i've started on my own UI using some discord addons and so far it looks like this:

a couple things are bugging me, the shadow on the chat text and monkey quest txt or possbly just all the text i need to get rid of.. i can't make the chat dext darker because of the shadow.

also i want to get rid of the chat tabs (if not it's cool i can live with it), stop the mouse over color change on bg txt and i'm currently using confab to control text box position but it causes problems with tell's in that they don't work right, anyone know of a better addon like this?

there was something else too but i don't remember what it was now :S i have looked myself for this stuff and i am still searching but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bouvi 12-04-06 12:26 PM

I hate to tell you this but when the patch hits tomorrow Discord will not longer work. The author is developing Discord UI Builder but there is no ETA on it at this time.

Papaya_freak 12-04-06 12:30 PM

lol, shows how much attention i pay to stuff.. nevermind i enjoyed doing it anyways.

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