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FrozdY 03-03-16 06:35 PM

Addon Request/Suggestion
Unitframes that's more customizable:

So, if someone feels up to it then it's essentially already made except the coding part, I'd do it myself but when I tried to follow a guy I got Lua error following all the directions exactly, that's how bad I am at coding :confused:

I was thinking that it could work well with kg_panels or any other panel addon, but then again, PM me and I'll send an art-pack that I made myself that I was gonna use for my addon if you wanna use that instead, or if you make some templates using that pack, in that case you'll have to do the xml and the Lua that will handle the xml, but I want you to keep that customizing capabillity regardless on what you decide to do.

Name suggestion:
PlayrUF ( |Player UF| that's the name that I was gonna call it when I tried doing it myself, so it would be appreciated if you used it )

Thanks, and if you descide to make this, it would also be appreciated if you kept it up-to-date and also uploaded it and it's updates on since the curse client keeps everything updated or alerts when there is an update and also having "FrozdY" as a co-author since it's my core idea, I think it's only fair right? Anyway, take care :D

sirann 03-03-16 06:52 PM

Your image isn't working, so we literally have no idea what you're even suggesting us to do.

semlar 03-03-16 07:34 PM

This is the image he linked to; the site he's using doesn't support hotlinking.

Fizzlemizz 03-03-16 07:46 PM

From the image I would say many/most unit frame addons already do this and much (some might say of some addons, too much) more. But I may be missing something.

Edit: I think I got the thing I was missing. I take it this is intended to modify the default unit frames?

Seerah 03-03-16 08:53 PM

Yeah, I don't know if he wants to edit the default unit frames or not... But, besides oUF (which requires you to code your own layout), Stellar Unit Frames (Stuf) and Discord Unit Frames are as customizable as they come. You can do anything you want with them.

FrozdY 03-03-16 10:15 PM

I can see the pic fine without any probs what so ever, what I mean by this is that I want all to be movable, not like the HP/Resource bar together, I want all the modules to be movable separately, so for example, if I only move the HP bar, then I just want the HP bar to move unless they're parented to something.

This gives better customization, then again, I don't know if this can be achieved with other UF addons but yeah, I've made some art that I'd like to use that'll give some uniqueness to it, but for it to work the way I need it to, I need everything to be movable separately, and the Movable checkbox is nice so that you might resize without having it move all over the screen if you missclick and such.

And no Fizzle, I just want the bars/text, no backgrounds/foregrounds, nothing but the bare essentials, unless you add something if you implement built-in backgrounds you can use.

I should also add that I want the resize and movement to be controlled without sliders, the 8 point click andd drag thing is what I want, so stuf is out of the queestion since I don't like the slider control.

Another thing that could be good to have is like a condition dropdown or maybe a script that's controlled with a dropdown for less physical writing/coding with text, something like Discord.

And I do apologize for the delayed answers, I have insomnia so at night I can just instantly fall asleep without any warning and then wake up maybe an hour or 2 later, be awake for 10-30min to just fall asleep again without warning.

Fizzlemizz 03-03-16 11:27 PM

"No Fizzle" as in this is not intended for the default Unit Frames or "No Fizzle" other addons don't do what I want, do way more than I want, do...?

I can only speak to Discord (although I'm fairly certain some other UF addons are of much the same ilk) which, it seems to me can do what you are talking about but I admit, DUFs configuration panel is an extremely daunting interface at first glance. Sadly it needs to actually fit on the screen :).

It does allow for custom textures, backgrounds, independent moving, sizing, parenting of bars, texts, icons, portraits, class bars etc. and lots of other stuff as well.

Your image/post didn't mention 8 point click/drag sizing and while DUF uses sliders, they also have an attached entry box for final precision sizing. If you know Wows drag mechanism, it is not precise no matter which way you implement it.

FrozdY 03-04-16 12:34 AM

Sorry Fizzle, I thought you meant the whole frame like the background and all of that, doesn't really matter what bars you use actually if you're going to do it, and I didn't have any trouble with the 8 point resizer that Move Anything uses though.

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