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Oniya 02-27-15 02:53 PM

Quest Cache?
What to do if


return wrong value? like quest completed (all objectives done) but it "thinkЭ they are not
is there any way to "update" this data to get actual info?

humfras 02-27-15 06:03 PM

IsQuestFlaggedCompleted returns true if you have completed/finished the quest (turned it in).

Take a look at the Quest functions and the way Blizzard handles it:

Phanx 02-27-15 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Oniya (Post 307046)
like quest completed (all objectives done) but it "thinkЭ they are not

Even if all the objectives are finished and the quest is ready for turn-in, the quest is not considered complete by the API until after you have actually turned it in.

If you want to use the API to find out whether a quest is ready for turn-in, look at the links Humfras posted.

Oniya 03-03-15 08:16 AM

It return not right answer when one if objective which is counted in Quest log (i see it done) by lua return its not done.

Rilgamon 03-03-15 10:17 AM

The answer is right. It will return true after you turn in the quest.

Phanx 03-03-15 12:34 PM

If the quest is still in your quest log, it is not completed. The API is correct.

If you want to know whether a quest in your quest log is ready to turn in (all of its objectives are completed) use the API function GetQuestLogTitle instead:


local title, level, suggestedGroup, isHeader, isCollapsed, isComplete,
      frequency, questID, startEvent, displayQuestID, isOnMap,
      hasLocalPOI, isTask, isStory = GetQuestLogTitle(index)

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