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Ezmaralda 03-03-11 09:54 PM

Not working at all
Logged in tonite, no Carb at all ...

Chmee 03-04-11 02:54 AM

Not, I'm afraid, a very useful report.:(

Ezmaralda 03-04-11 05:48 PM

because that is all i can report. it is not working at all, very unusual for Carb. Are you a wowi employee or the Author?

Ezmaralda 03-04-11 06:03 PM

working now
I reinstalled it again [today]thru Curse and now it is working. Somehow it got disconnected, altho i have not to my knowledge done anything to cause this to happen. Possibly a Firewall problem, that also somehow was reset to auto and i had to adjust the settings for the games to Allow so they would work.

Chmee 03-05-11 03:06 AM

I'm neither a WoWI employee nor one of the devs, just a player who sometimes can help with problems given enough information.

It sounds like you may have had some kind of files permissions problem, which I understand can happen with some versions of Windows (I'm on a Mac). Or perhaps, as you say, a firewall setting. I've occasionally had the WoW updater complain that I'm behind a firewall (which I am) but I've never had any problem with it other than the complaint itself.

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