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Rythal 09-24-12 10:14 AM

6 hours to go...
So, predictions?

will 5.041 work?

So far we know it does not work in the beta (confirmed by myself and others), but blizzard "claims" when MoP unlocks, it's no change to the client just a new quest in your quest log and XP bar unlocked...

so we have a 50/50 gamble going on...

Twink 09-24-12 10:28 AM

My money is on broken.. At which point im gonna be one of the many people heading here in the hope that you have a fix for us all :P

Rythal 09-24-12 10:35 AM

I use to think broken myself, but i'm not so sure anymore ...

my main thought towards broken was that it won't know the new zones and error, but after thinking about it.. it won't even try using the new zones because continent 6 isn't in the table building function.

So my new theory is it will continue working as it is, but you'll get no maps on pandaria.

EmyrB 09-24-12 01:29 PM

That is even worse. At least if it's broken, then there is an impetus from the devs (and I mean that very loosely!) to fix the issue, but with no maps, will they even bother?

Spahut 09-24-12 08:31 PM

Yep there are no maps.
Not really any errors, though a few can pop up when entering a dungeon.

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