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MidgetMage55 08-14-10 11:52 AM

Chances are they are different configurations. Perhaps for different resolutions. Only orko (or someone that reads through the data) will know for sure. I wouldn't worry about it if the one you picked works for your needs.

CHreQc 08-24-10 09:04 AM

messed up
when i tried to load reflux there is just a bunch of error message from skinner and a bunch of lua error and nothing change and everything is just messed up please reply fast i want to use this ui that look so nice and i already redownload or used thhe other folder in the wtf folder

jezter2k 08-31-10 05:02 PM

Nice interface! Rogues use this interface?:)

Orko 10-16-10 02:14 PM

I just returned to WoW again.. I think I am done trying other MMOs cause none are as good as WoW.. Anyhow enough of that....

I am going to be updating my UIs I have.. Some are going to have to not be updated. The Orko Complete that has 2 different layouts will be gone and also oUI will be gone.

There is another author that has been working with OnalughtUI 2... His is highly modified though I do not see anyone beggin to have the original done.

So the only ones that I will keep updated in the future will be Orko UI and also aUI...Sorry that everyone had some issues with these UIs.. I can not work on these 24/7.. I do what I can to make people happy but its not like this is my job :D

Orko 11-21-10 06:52 PM

Just about to update my UI again soon. Want to get some comments on the new art before I installed it.. I know people hate change LOL. But if no one wants to comment then I will add it anyways :)

Oettinger 11-22-10 12:50 AM

What about the dps window? In this picture its still there, but not in picture on the first site.

Comment for the picture with dps:
Looks very familiar, so its Ok. But where is autobar an the menu at the top?


Orko 11-22-10 06:10 PM

All the information from Omen (threat meter) and Recount (DPS Meter) are still on the right side of the screen in the same place. Only thing that has really changed is the bottom panel art and the top bar is gone as you pointed out. Autobar and Buffs that were cast on you are still at the top. I personally do not use the Micromenu with Character, Talents, Quest, Guild.....etc buttons. There is however a Broker Addon right under the left-hand set of action bars that shows your FPS and gold. If you hover over the FPS display you will get the Micromenu there as a tooltip.

Removing the top bar makes the game world seem larger when you play. Of course its not really but it sure does feel like it. But basically I just changed the art and colors is all.

Orko 11-25-10 11:02 AM

Well not a lot of comments on the new art so if you do not like, oh well LOL.. I have updated the UI package with the new art and color scheme

Oettinger 12-15-10 08:45 AM

I just noticed that i have no window to dice for items in a group. :(
Not so good when you are in an instance.

Havent tried the latest update yet.
How can i update the whole UI without deleting all the old folders/ui?


seanj0 12-15-10 09:54 AM

I registered for this site solely to tell you how nice this UI looks. Now if you could come over and make it fit for my resolution that'd be great.

Orko 12-24-10 07:32 PM

Well thanks for using the UI.. I am currently still working on my next project which is trying to merge my two UIs together. Its working ok but do not like some of the addons I have to use. One is I have to use Pitbull4 on the Unitframes cause Stuf does not have profiles which is not working for me.

Anyhow, not sure what resolution your using but I can not use anyother on my current monitor and do not have any plans on getting a new one yet.

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