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hasnogaems 09-16-20 04:46 AM

Focus last focus?
There is /targetlasttarget but is there something to target or focus last focus?

Xrystal 09-16-20 05:36 AM

These are the ones wowpedia shows .. but you can always try obvious examples .. /targetlastfocus etc

assist - Targets a player's target.
clearfocus - Clears the current focus target.
cleartarget - Clears the current target.
focus - Set a focus target
target - Target the given unit by name.
targetexact - Target the unit by exact name match.
targetenemy - Cycle through nearby hostile units (no name matching).
targetenemyplayer - Cycle through nearby hostile players (no name matching).
targetfriend - Cycle through nearby friendly units (no name matching).
targetfriendplayer - Cycle through nearby friendly players (no name matching).
targetparty - Cycle through nearby party members (no name matching).
targetraid - Cycle through nearby raid members (no name matching).
targetlastenemy - Target the last attackable unit you had selected.
targetlastfriend - Target the last friendly unit you had selected.
targetlasttarget - Sets your current target to the last unit you had selected.

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