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Talyrius 06-24-15 11:01 AM

Does anyone have an answer for this question?

Originally Posted by mbanks850 (Post 259556)
Anyone know how to actually set the map to a microdungeon. If you call GetCurrentMapAreaID() on the map for Caverns of Time. It returns 161 which is Tanaris. If you SetMapByID to 161 , you can't SetDungeonMapLevel(17) to get to the Caverns of Time map.

Note: The 17 used in this example came from the first return of GetCurrentMapDungeonLevel() after entering the Caverns of Time while viewing the map.

semlar 06-24-15 01:07 PM

You can't set the map to a microdungeon unless the player is actually inside of it, in which case you can call SetMapToCurrentZone()

Talyrius 06-24-15 02:52 PM

There is no other way? That's disappointing.

semlar 06-24-15 03:53 PM

You can draw the microdungeon if you know the map file name, but you can't physically set the map to a microdungeon if you aren't inside of it.

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