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Ginji 02-18-18 01:39 AM

Character Achievements Addon
Anyone here want to take over this project?
It seems to be dead :(
i really liked this addon.

Kanegasi 02-18-18 10:10 AM

What’s wrong wih it? Any errors?

jeffy162 02-18-18 01:14 PM

MOST addons do not have to be constantly updated. One line in the .toc file tells the game if they are up to date or not. If the addon still works and does not throw any Lua errors, then just run it any way (just remember to check "Load out of date Addons"). Some author's do not feel the need to update every patch (or expansion). It might be because of real life, or, it could be because addon authors do this for free - but, in the end, it really doesn't matter.

Xrystal 02-19-18 09:27 AM

I concur with previous comments.

The addon is updated to the latest expansion so should work fine as Blizzard doesn't *normally* add API changes in the middle of an expansion.

It may even still work next expansion unless they drastically change how the achievement system works.

In fact, the last report on curseforge regarding an error ( 7.0.3 version) , resulted in a fix within 5 days. They are clearly monitoring the situation and act when needed.

Yukyuk 02-19-18 11:39 AM

Quick test, there is an error when you go to the options.
Removed the Playsound (I made them comments) lines and I got no more errors.

Barleduq 04-01-18 03:00 PM

I noticed this forum post and checked it out. No one on curse is reporting current errors, but there's one comment each about it not playing well with Overachiever and Twitter integration, along with some other things. So it looks like it needs a bit of love. If it was available I'd love to use it, but I'm already using Overachiever and picking up something that doesn't work with it seems futile.


Xrystal 04-02-18 07:21 PM

I can only see the one regarding Twitter Integration being open from last year. Granted the developer should have at least commented but perhaps there is a reason he is not answering as he is active on the site having last been on there

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I believe before someone else tries to take over that the developer be contacted to see if they are still working on their addons as all of their addons do not seem to have been touched since Legion came out. Maybe they took a break, similar to what I did and may be monitoring to see what they can fix without an active subscription. So, ask the question first, then ask them to confirm in writing on the project as there may well be someone out there waiting for that question to be asked.

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