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FFXPrincess 11-22-20 07:54 AM

Remove World Quests?
Hello! I swear I did this on my other character now I can't figure out how to at all!

In the quest module it automatically follows world quests and things like "bfa Emissaries." I can't figure out how to get rid of them for the life of me. I've gone through the settings a billion times. I want the normal quests I pick up to keep auto tracking, but not the world quests!! What am I missing?? Thank you!

ircdirk 11-22-20 08:14 AM

Sorry, here is no such option. World Quests/Bonus Quests always show in quest watch window becouse they are automaticly added there when u step into their zone.

FFXPrincess 11-22-20 12:42 PM

Thank you!

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