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Choonstertwo 04-29-16 04:29 AM

New Comment Email Marked As Spam
I just noticed that WoWI sent me an email notifying me of a new comment on one of my AddOns, but GMail marked it as spam.

The reason given was something about violating guidelines, it linked to this page.

The last comment/PM I received was on 2015-12-02, the notification email of which wasn't marked as spam.

Dolby 04-29-16 08:38 AM

When was that email sent? A few weeks ago I had an error in my spf record. Now everything tests out fine on The only way I could get a higher score would be to sign all emails with dkim which I may end up doing. Although it might be a better idea to switch to an external service like mailgun.

Choonstertwo 04-29-16 10:53 AM

I received the email on 2016-04-29 at 06:28:50 (UTC), i.e. 10 hours ago.

Dolby 04-29-16 04:37 PM

Hrm, thanks. I will certainly look into it again. Was hopeing it was an email sent before I updated our spf record.

Dolby 05-01-16 02:37 PM

Ok found something else I was able to improve upon. Let me know if any new messages are marked as spam.

Choonstertwo 05-01-16 02:40 PM

Thanks, will do.

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