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BellewTheBear 03-22-18 12:11 AM

Donation button issues!
So I'm trying to add a donation button to my AddOns' page and having trouble. I wanted to use PayPal, but the instructions for generating a PayPal Donate button and finding the right code seem to be outdated, as the code I get doesn't match the screenshot shown in the instructions what-so-ever.

So I figured I'd look into using Pledgie instead, only to find out they shut down a little over a month ago.

So I suggest removing Pledgie from the donate button options and updating the PayPal instructions.

Thank you :)

Dolby 03-22-18 02:57 PM

I'll work on that thanks for the heads up. I should probably add patron support since thats really popular now. The donation system really needs an overhaul.

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