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Amaru 01-28-08 06:26 AM

FireFox Problem.
I'm posting here becuase it is the only place I can.

It seems between las night and now, my history cleared itself. No problem right? Wrong. I'll type a site in the address bar, then exit out. When I go bck to FF, it isn't in the address bar! Why the hell is it doing that? I reinstalled FF.

Jesamyn 01-28-08 06:54 AM

Go into your Preferences (Tools > Optionn or Tools > Preferences - can't remember for sure in the Windows version) and choose the Privacy tab. Check under the History area and make sure 'Remember visited pages for the last ___ days' is selected. (Mine has 9 in the box.) In the Private Data area, make sure 'Always clear my private data when I close Firefox' is not selected.

One of those is probably the culprit.

Amaru 01-28-08 03:20 PM

I feel like a dumbass now. I completely over looked that tab in options.

Thanks. :)

Jesamyn 01-28-08 06:01 PM

Glad that fixed it for ya. :D

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