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LBXZero 08-27-08 06:25 PM

Comparing Function Lists in current Beta Build
I am going through a previous function list before the current Beta build, but is a Beta list, and the current Beta build's list and trying to show changes.

Some of the noticeable changes:
*Added Focus Frame
*Changes to Threat Meter Frame
*print, getprinthandler, setprinthandler Functions available
*Changes to Vehicle Frame

I will update this if they add a significant patch during 8-27-08's maintenance.

p3lim 08-27-08 07:07 PM

didnt know about the print function, thanks for the heads up

LBXZero 08-31-08 05:18 PM

Now comparing changes in function list from 8820 to 8885

Functions added were "forceinsecure" and "tostringall"

Most function name changes were in the context of animation and similar. Calendar has some function name changes, and Vehicle frames have changed. Other added functions were just to help Blizzard debug.

Jayhawk 09-01-08 10:34 PM

Any idea if there's a function that allows us to call the Talent window, or more specifically the Pet Talent window?

Dridzt 09-01-08 11:26 PM

ToggleTalentFrame() will show the frame.
I'm not sure you can go straight to the Pet Talent Frame,
but checking for PlayerTalentFrameType2:IsVisible()
should allow you to select the proper tab with
PanelTemplates_SetTab(PlayerTalentFrame, pettab)

(not sure what number 'pettab' would be, but little experimentation should find out)

Jayhawk 09-02-08 05:00 AM

Intriguing. Thanks for the suggestion. I've fiddled around a bit, would one go about finding a number for PETTAB?

I don't think it's a Tab though, as when I run GetNumTalentTabs it returns 3.
I've noticed the functions seem to carry an extra parameter specifying whether we're looking at pet talents. So GetNumTalentTabs(false, false) returns 3 and GetNumTalentTabs(false, true) returns one.
Next the GetTalentTabInfo(1,false,false) returns the first player talent tab, whereas GetTalentTabInfo(1,false,true) returns the pet talent tab.

This construction works
if PlayerTalentFrameType2:IsVisible() then

LBXZero 09-02-08 11:30 AM

Looking at the Talent Frame's code to show the pet talent frame, you should duplicate the code in PlayerTalentFrameType_OnClick() but remove the conditionals and make it directly as if the pet button was pressed. Although, you should provide the code to detect if the button would be shown, (HasPetUI()), and the conditionals for if the talent frame is shown to open it and if the talent frame is shown and so is the pet tab to close it.

The conditional for HasPetUI() is if it will not show any data because your pet is not out.

Mera 09-02-08 04:34 PM

belladona if you hear me put 8885 on!!!!

Jayhawk 05-15-09 02:27 AM

Seems like the current (3.1) version made a mess of my code again. I now get the error "attempt to index global 'PlayerTalentFrameType2' (a nil value)" which suggests the PlayerTalentFrameType2 variable no longer exists.


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