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Birg 10-30-16 02:30 AM

File extension not allowed?
I tried updating my latest UI (Druid - Legion) and got this message:

The file extension you have uploaded is not allowed. Please contact an Admin if you believe it should be allowed.
I did the exact thing I've done with all my other uploads: put WTF + Inteface + Fonts into a folder and used WinRAR to zip it to a .rar file. I even tried reuploading the current version of my UI but still got that message.

Has some rule changed since I last uploaded (28th September) or what could be the issue?

I'm not sure how to contact an admin directly hence why I'm posting here.

Ketho 10-30-16 02:39 AM

You should use a .zip file, .rar files are not accepted. Maybe it was so in the past

Birg 10-30-16 03:09 AM

Ah, it must indeed have changed then. Sorry for being a lazy bastard and not looking it up before I posted..

Anyway, thank you, it works now!

Phanx 10-31-16 04:27 AM

RAR files used to be accepted. They are no longer accepted, because the WoWInterface Minion does not (and other addon updater programs generally do not) support the RAR format. There's no real advantage to using RAR over ZIP for an addon package, so there's no real reason to make the updater program more complicated by supporting other formats. Plus, only supporting ZIP also means the site could simplify things like server-side malware checks, since they no longer need extra code/libraries/programs to check for and handle other formats.

Dolby 10-31-16 08:52 AM

Hi Birg,

I Moved your thread to the site help forum.

For the reasons others have stated above and also un-patched winrar installs have been a portal to malware installation on systems we felt it best to just focus on zip. Just many reasons pointing for us to stop supporting rar.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your understanding.

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