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LBXZero 11-09-19 05:06 PM

Spellbook in Classic WoW, looking for Feedback
The mod I made and am still working on is SpellBook Abridged for WoW Classic. Right now, I am trying to keep the Spellbook normal, but I added a filter to select between showing all spells and showing only the highest rank of each spell. On my last update, I also included a function that replaces spells in the action bars when a higher rank is just learned, but only the previous highest rank, not the rest.

My current objective is to help improve visibility of spells that are usable in the current stance or form, a way to help druids quickly see which spells work in which form (and warriors if applicable). Basically, I am looking for suggestions on how to display the spells that are not usable in the current form. I am also working on ways to identify the spells without keeping a library in the addon.

I am also looking for other suggestions to make the Spellbook nicer in WoW Classic without a significant overhaul of the existing Spellbook design.

My current limit is the Spellbook addon has taint bugs when open during combat. I took the simpler approach and have the Spellbook close and not open during combat.

Xrystal 11-09-19 05:16 PM

Some of the addons use a simple colour tint on the buttons to show usability etc...

So ...

You introduce 4 colours to highlight the different spells for each stance ( for those that have access to all bars regardless of current stance ). Maybe a 5th to show abilities that work with all stances...


You have 1 additional color ( green/blue etc ) to highlight which spells are available for the current stance.

Maybe other's will have other possibilities for you.

LBXZero 11-14-19 10:28 AM

So far, I decided to play to the limits of what I can access. I am parsing the tooltip data, look for a text line that has an available form in the line, and then check if the line is red (if red color is greater than green and blue). If the line exists and it is not red, the character should be in that form. If the line exists and it is red, then the character is not in the correct form. If the line doesn't exist or no multiple forms detected, ignore.

From there, if the character is in form, somehow highlight the entry in the spellbook either blue or green. If the character is not in the form, highlight red or grey. I am thinking about altering the text fields instead of the icon.


Also, I am parsing the text by grabbing the form names from the in-game spellID information, so I don't need localization data.

Edit: First Idea using a Druid

Current Idea using my Warrior as an Example

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