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Xrystal 06-18-21 10:04 AM

Help: libdb icon display problems off of map
nUI has a button bag facility that moves the icons from the minimap into a bag for access as needed.

I want to say that the problem has only occurred since Shadowlands but I can't confirm that with any confidence as I only noticed the issue myself when testing BCC upgrade.

So, what we have is as follows:

Retail, Classic, BC Classic - Blizzard and LibDB created Icons on minimap display fine
Classic - Blizzard and LibDB created Icons in button bag display fine
Retail and BC Classic - Blizzard Icons in button bag display fine but LibDB created icons are not visible ( but the tooltip appears when you mouseover )

I have tried implementing a backdrop system when moving the icons from the map to the bag but that didn't do anything.

I checked /fstack to see if there was a frame missing from the button bag that was on the minimap but alas all sub frames of each icon were there in both.

Anyone seen this in similar scenarios and have fixed this ? or are seeing this in other addons that do the same type of thing, pointing to nUI not specifically the reason it is isn't working in recent updates.

Thanks in advance for any help

Fizzlemizz 06-18-21 08:47 PM

In my UI I have this.
Lua Code:
  1. if button.SetFixedFrameStrata then -- non-Classic support
  2.     button:SetFixedFrameStrata(false)
  3. end
  4. button:SetFrameStrata(strata of my mmbutton panel)
  5. button:SetFrameLevel(level of my mmbutton panel + 1)
button being the mm button you want to move.

Xrystal 06-18-21 11:11 PM

Thanks, I'll give that non Classic fix a try. Looking at wowpedia, that looks to be why I never noticed it before.

After an oopsie where I added it in the wrong place ... moving the code block to the right SetFrameStrata block of code and voila it worked .. at least on Retail just now. Seeing as that code is identical .. it should work the same on BCC. Something for when I wake up properly later. Thanks again.

Fizzlemizz 06-18-21 11:40 PM

As is, it works on all three clients for me.

Have fun.

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