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doofus 10-04-19 11:00 AM

Classic WoW druid form macros
I would like to have a macro to cycle between bear, cat, noform. Something like

/castsequence Bear Form, Cat Form, Noform

SDPhantom 10-04-19 11:26 AM

This is a little clunky, but it might work.

/cancelform [noform:3]
/castsequence [form:3] Cat Form; Bear Form, Cat Form

It force-casts Cat Form at the end of the cycle to cancel the current form.
Classic requires canceling the current form before you can swap them. The problem with this is you can't check [form] after /cancelform since it's wiped immediately. /castsequence should still remember its position anyway.

Alternatively, each form has its own main action bar, you could simply put the next form in the sequence in the same slot to cycle them without a macro.

PS: Cycling between these 3 states is generally a bad idea since in classic, shifting between forms costs a lot of mana and could run you out very quickly.

doofus 10-08-19 02:30 PM

Thank you, I think this has worked. And you are right if you /cancelform it does not retain what form you were originally in.

shadowguard12 10-25-20 11:47 AM

Classic WoW Moonkin druid form macros
I am working on making a macro for my moonkin druid allowing me to cancel moonkin form, cast innervate then pop back into moonkin form during a boss fight; if anyone has any suggestions,

I would appreciate it;


SDPhantom 10-27-20 06:37 AM

Might try:

/cancelform [form]
/castsequence reset=10 Innervate, Moonkin Form

You're going to have to hit it twice since both abilities trigger the GCD.

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