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djozaa 10-21-20 07:03 AM

help me Increase status text size
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hello, can someone help me to increase status text size of defualt blizzard frames on retail.

In classic wow status text font size seems to be 14, and on retail is 10.

This is with enabled status text Both.

Vrul 10-22-20 12:59 PM


local fontStrings = {

for index = 1, #fontStrings do
        local fontString = _G[fontStrings[index]]
        if fontString then
                local fontName, fontSize, fontStyle = fontString:GetFont()
                fontString:SetFont(fontName, 14, fontStyle)

SDPhantom 10-22-20 03:56 PM

You can change the base font object and it'll propagate through all fontstrings that inherit from it.
Lua Code:
  1. local name,_,style=TextStatusBarText:GetFont();
  2. TextStatusBarText:SetFont(name,14,style);
Note: Font objects seem to ignore the virtual XML tag and actually exist in the global environment.

djozaa 10-22-20 06:45 PM

thank you alot, both of you!!!

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