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tintingurl 07-11-07 09:24 PM

some kind of chat mod?
hello im wondering if anyone would happen know a chat mod(?) that auto says things for you when ei when resurrecting someone it would say something like "low and behold i bring you from death" lol i made that up but it says something humor wise. anyways if anyone could help would be great ^^ i would have got a screenshot but did not think of it at time(a guild member had it but forget who it was hehe)

Dreadlorde 07-11-07 10:21 PM

you could make a macro


/y I bring %t from death
/cast spell

%t is your target, and shift click on the spell iwhen in the macro config to put the right name in it.

Seerah 07-12-07 08:35 AM

Zyonin 07-12-07 11:09 AM

Cast Yeller

Works with all classes, Will annouce both in party and as a /w to the target, Rezes, Divine Intervention, Innvervates, etc and will also annouce to the party missed or resist Kicks, Taunts/Growls etc. Great mod, I use it with all my characters. Can be set to use humerous messages when a spell is announced.

mulesh 07-12-07 02:06 PM

The one I use lets you enter your own spell quotes (up to ten) and selects one at random whenever you cast the spell (no macro needed). A macro will say the SAME thing EVERY time. Kinda gets annoying, i think.

Skrom's Quote Generator

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