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doofus 02-16-20 03:54 AM

Discover spell cooldown
How can I know a spell's CD without having used it? For example some spells have defined CDs but thse can be modified eg with Vision of Perfection. For example Celestial Alignment on my Druid is 3 mins, but with Vision of Perfection it drops to 2.3 mins. How can I programmatically find out?

doofus 02-19-20 05:05 AM

bumping this in case someone has an epiphany :-)

enterLivi 02-24-20 07:32 AM

I don't think it's possible to check a spell's modified cooldown before casting it. Hope I'm wrong, though, for your sake. Depends on what you're trying to do, obviously, but you could store the cooldown values after casting them once?

SDPhantom 02-24-20 01:11 PM

There isn't a way short of tooltip scanning.

doofus 03-12-20 04:47 AM

OK thanks guys. It is weird that there is no API for such important metrics. I also wanted to have an idea about a spell's damage, but that's also impossible.

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