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spiel2001 03-12-09 08:25 PM

Video capture software...
Can anyone recommend for me some good video capture software I can use to make WoW movies with?

Martinus 03-12-09 08:47 PM

One I know is Fraps

trezy 03-12-09 10:28 PM

Fraps is good.

Wegame is good as well and its free.

Petrah 03-12-09 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Martinus (Post 120000)
One I know is Fraps


I use Fraps, too. Great software! :banana:

Doomlord 03-13-09 08:15 AM

Fraps if you want a simple video capture software.

Camtasia Studio if you want a full *pimp my video capture* software.

I recommend the latter if you want to record some tutorials on ho to use nUI.

demtar 07-19-09 06:46 AM

fraps is going for less then $40 for a full registered version
the Camtasia Studio is for $300

i have seen people use windows movie maker with fraps to make some very good how to videos on you tube

spiel2001 07-19-09 08:23 AM

I tried Camtasia... and it was generally a good app, but I had a lot of issues with it and things I didn't care for a whole lot. I ended up going with Adobe to pimp my videos. But I still use Fraps to record them and am nothing but happy with that.

Perelius 09-01-09 07:10 PM

Hypercam 2
Ive tried fraps it is ok. I found Hypercam 2 though that i think is better, can choose divx encoders etc and even draw out area with mouse to record.
Strongly recomended if fraps doesnt do it for you.

Here is link to company site

richwarf 09-02-09 03:54 AM

wegame, i stoped using it cos it was bugging.
Fraps, I stoped using cos it was making much bigger files that...
Xfire, Works good, can be used in muti things, and it does other jobs like a messager, streaming vid to the tubes for other people to watch and keep track of your gamming history (look at my sig).

Mind you i shold retest it now that fraps got a upgrade a week or so ago (or so my inbox says)

But if you do plan on using Xfire you need to go into the settings and turn it on in the opps, If you need any help just add me as a friend (say nUI plx) and i will be more that happy to help :)

vampirictorch 09-20-10 02:22 AM

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Originally Posted by spiel2001
Are you friggin' serious? You come into a software forum to announce you have an illegal copy of stolen software you're willing to share with others?


Cralor 09-20-10 06:47 PM

Since this thread was brought back to life, here is my :

It utilizes multiple cores, for a better experience than Fraps.

Here is a Fraps vs. PlayClaw review/test:

DhRall 10-19-10 02:27 PM

I prefer the Mac-client of WoW, since I can make my own videos right out of the box with no extra software :D

Naw...I know, people tend to hate Macs, but hey, the game runs smooth on mine, therefore my PC has more resources free for anything else :banana:

However, I know, my comment is far from helpfull...I just wanted to put in my 2 cents *cough*


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