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Cairenn 05-22-07 02:56 PM

2.1.0 Stress Relief Thread
Well authors and forum regulars, I will admit, I hadn't thought we'd need one this time around but I was wrong. So, thinking that we wouldn't need one, I didn't bother to come up with any ideas for what to do. Thus, I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what you want to do.

We've kidnapped slouken, made funny pictures, cursed each other out, written poetry, posted extreme sarcasm and just flat out screamed. So - it's hodge podge time. Do what you will. Just remember to stay inside Blizz's and WoWI's Code of Conduct guidelines.

Also see the sister thread on Blizz forum.

robthedude 05-22-07 07:34 PM

I like that kitten! Meow! :D

er... *shakes* weird...
edit: First! :P
*shakes again* wierder...
edit again: check out my avatar!!!
one last edit: Dinged 58 and made the (ceremonial, I've been hearthed to Shat since level 20) trip through the Dark Portal with just 15 mins to spare before server shutdown :D ROCK!

Dreadlorde 05-24-07 06:57 PM

I like how I can see what addons use how much memory :D ..discord unit frames(ported) has 4-6mb..bongos has like 157kb..

Seerah 05-24-07 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by Dreadlorde
discord unit frames(ported) has 4-6mb...

Wow..... Can't say I'm surprised though...

Xanithon 05-25-07 06:33 AM

The Blizz Downloader is so slow for me. Sounds like there are some good features within this Patch. Then again, getting that Frostwolf Mount will be alot harder now... :(

Anyway... Grr?

Dreadlorde 05-25-07 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Seerah
Wow..... Can't say I'm surprised though...

the OLD version (pre WoW 2.0) didn't use that much memory.

PathMaster 05-25-07 02:18 PM

I was surprised by how much bartender used vs bongos and how much Prat used. I now use Bongos2 and Mumble.

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