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cerement 10-16-08 09:17 AM

A Big "Thank You" to all the Addon Developers!
Despite all of the complaints on the official forums, this has been one of the most painless patches I've ever dealt with. And it's been thanks to all of the wonderful developers here putting their time and effort into having updated versions of their mods available and ready long before the patch hit. A special thanks goes out to Tuller, Tekkub, and Industrial who keep turning out fantastic addons despite all of our whining and complaining :p

Even my tiny collection of personal handcoded addons has weathered the patch extremely well thanks in no small part to being able to look at and copy the code from the above programmers.

So yes, despite the official forums, you guys and your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Elloria 10-16-08 10:16 AM

Well all the QQ is to be expected. Babies don't get their way so they feel the need to post how much they hate a certain mod. All that aside. I agree with you 100%. THANK YOU!. Thank you for making this 3.0 patch day smoother then I expected. This website, the modders, the entire community here. You are all why i love making uis so much. With out you id be a sad panda/bored panda.

Thank you. :o

boxguard 10-16-08 02:48 PM

100% agree,

Big thx for your efforts :banana:

Keep it up :)

Jzar 10-16-08 03:07 PM


I also add Maul to the list of my coding super-heroes. I hate going into addon comments sections that add a new page or so every half hour. I can't imagine how much time it must take them to answer all of those various posts (Especially when half of the responses end up being "Thanks for your report, please see the FAQ. Which after all, is a collection of answers to Frequenly Asked Questions, of which, yours happens to be one.") but thank you so much!

Maul 10-16-08 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by Jzar (Post 104774)
I can't imagine how much time it must take them to answer all of those various posts...

The answer to this is in the FAQ...

/warm fuzzies

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