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Zarmat 01-19-09 03:36 PM

Need some help... Not good at UI or lua
Hello all,

I am new to Lua and pretty much all programming languages the one i really only know is Python.:(

I need some help on how to make a UI. Just some basic commands and steps through the UI maker.

If you could help me that would be great.:)

tinyu 01-20-09 12:26 AM

most UIs and just a bunch of mods that some people have downloaded and set up in a specific matter.

Karaii 04-16-09 06:35 AM

That is true, most "AddOns" now days are simply smaller AddOns that have been grouped up for simplicity of installation or use.
If you are interested in creating your own AddOns for the World of Warcraft, I would suggest the following web pages for reference:

World of Warcraft Interface Customization:

World of Warcraft API:

World of Warcraft Programming:

These are indispensable tools if your looking to create something from nothing. Just make sure you read through them thoroughly and understand the concepts described in the texts. I would also Highly Recommend that you read through Blizzards End User Licnse Agreement (EULA) to make sure your AddOn isn't going to break any rules or do anything "bad" that could get you in trouble.

You can find it here:

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