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unlimit 04-21-12 03:46 PM

@ (Active/Former) U.S. Navy Peoples!
AFQT Percentile Score: 82

Line Scores:

62  63  60  58  53  62  53  64  62  59  51

So, I took the ASVAB a few days ago and received the score above, it was a no obligation visit (I got a ride with someone going for theirs as well who'll be joining in a few weeks) and I just wanted to see how I'd score before enlisting.

I've been planning on joining the U.S. Navy for about 9~ months now. My wife is physically disabled due to a car accident she had about 8 years ago, so it took a bit more time planning things out, but I've gotten everything sorted now and all I've got left to do is get a few grand to move her accross the country and get things started.

So, the reason I've posted my information and all of this is for a bit of advice:

I don't know what jobs to really look at! It is my understanding that a lot of the reason for MANY individuals to join, or when they are looking for a job, is that they are look at something that will help them later in their life. This, however, isn't the case for me, and the jobs that could potentially give me a bit more experience in this, my wife and I have discussed I won't seek.

So, moving on from there, I've been looking at jobs associated to Aircrew and Submarine programs, and really would just like some help, suggestions, advice, whatever you can offer!

I really do appereciate it, thanks!

unlimit 04-28-12 11:57 AM

Guess not xD

mstrovis 04-28-12 12:46 PM

Well one Why Navy? you know you will be gone away from her for about 6 months of the year on a ship. and why do you need to move her accross to enlist? Have you considered the Coast Guard? pay si the same and not away from home nearly as much, we are also the only service that you can chose your job after you get in and have a chance to look at all of them. let me know if you want more info don't be a squid (thats the navys nickname).

hardcoregarrett 04-28-12 01:41 PM

Look at contracting job in Military you will get the experience on the job, then if you get out you can make alot of money doing the same job for the Military.

Zenara 04-29-12 08:53 AM

Just fyi, unless you WANT to be away from your wife... don't join the Navy. If you really want to join the military, you would be better off in the Air Force. Of all the the Active Duty opportunities, you'll have a better chance with them of staying with your family. As it has already been stated, Coast Guard is a good option if you want to stay state-side and not be separated from your family. I suggest looking into Reserves as well, but Navy (including Marines) is NOT a good choice for those with families.

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