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samyonair 12-22-14 06:10 PM

HowTo Post Bugs to Carbonite Forum
Dear All,

Now we have a New Structure to these Forums,

Please Post Buggs in this Order:

First have a look into the Failure in Most Parts it says
in first line of the code for e.g 1x Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2688:

Than start a New Thread in this e.g. in Carbonite.Quest because the failure is in Questmodule otherwise in the other Channels

In The following Style
Title BUG: with first line of Error in e.g. would be :


and in the Message than whats your problem and please use the Code sign for errorcode



1x Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2688: attempt to call method 'Load11' (a nil value)
Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2688: in function `?'
Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2547: in function `Init'
Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:1985: in function `func'
Ace3\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0-17.lua:55: in function <Ace3\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:48>


It would help to Post in which Language your wow Install runs
And in Some cases which addons you use
Thanks a lot

If you want to Post your Issue to IssueTracker on Github instead you can do that


Greetings Samyonair

Haggisdog 01-04-15 08:36 PM

Github form submission link typo
Small typo in the link above it should say:

ircdirk 01-05-15 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by Haggisdog (Post 304380)
Small typo in the link above it should say:

Fixed, thanks.

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