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Cairenn 02-17-08 02:02 PM

WoWI's Pick(s) of the Week
We're starting a new feature on the site. Every week our staff will pick one new and/or one updated mod from the previous week on our site and give you a brief subjective overview of the mod. This will give authors a chance to have their mod showcased and users a chance to discover mods that they may not have been aware of previously. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this new feature. :)

Seerah starts this new feature off with a overview of Dock. You can see review of it here.

InriHSM 03-04-08 12:27 AM

I've been looking for a while for something that showcases addons that haven't been introduced to the limelight... yet. Too many get passed over due to the addons that have been mainstays for a while and hold the tops of lists. I'd love to see a feature that lists addons that have seen the most increased traffic over the past couple days or weeks that can help us looking for the latest and greatest addon/author that would otherwise be overlooked.

Thanks again for starting the Pick of the Week and I look forward to seeing new picks.

georgectr 03-23-09 07:06 AM

This is the subforum I've been looking for. It is really hard to go over every category and trying every addon that can be found. I have read all the PoTW posts and gathered 5 new mods to try. Thank you for the hard work. This makes it much more friendlier than other sites.

diablo0813 08-16-10 12:38 AM

A Dead Thread?
Has this most awesome thread come to an end?:confused:

Rilgamon 08-16-10 08:30 AM

Do you mean the pick of the week ?

diablo0813 08-17-10 09:13 AM

Yes, I meant the Pick(s) of the Week. But there hasn't been a post since the 25th of July. I was wondering if it has been scrapped.

Dolby 08-17-10 09:19 AM

Nope, people go on vacation around this time. Summer...

Nefrirr 08-17-10 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 202808)
Nope, people go on vacation around this time. Summer...

Vacation? I swear I once knew what this word meant... oh, yeah, that thing I sometimes had before my aspirations to get a phd in applied mathematics.

Seriously though, I'm looking forward forward to the next PotW, I read it quite regularily since I started lurking in the wow interface forums around 2008. I just thought the resurrection of this thread might be a good opportunity to show my gratitude to Seerah for the great work. :-)

Seerah 08-17-10 09:33 PM

Yep. Vacation and also no home internet. (Though we have it semi-working now, but only for my laptop and not for playing WoW or playing around with addons.)

I plan to get a new PotW done this coming Sunday.

diablo0813 08-18-10 04:02 AM

Glad to hear it!, and Thank You so much for this feature of the site. It really has become something that I eagerly anticipate an update from.

And about the vacation thing...being stuck in Afghanistan atm, I forget that the rest of the world continues along a normal path. I get alittle out of touch out here, hehe.

Minus the no internet thing, I hope you are enjoying the vacation.:)

VincentSDSH 08-18-10 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 202854)
Yep. Vacation and also no home internet.

You seem to be suggesting that there is somehow something outside WoW worth spending time on.



break19 08-18-10 12:15 PM

"vacation" is someone's idea of a sick joke.

I mean, seriously.. most hotel wifi -sucks- for playing wow, and you can forget international trips.. even if you find a decent internet connection, the latency would be horrid..

I'd much rather keep working, so I can afford to keep upgrading my computer and keep paying my wow subscription...


*edit* Oh yea, pay rent, and utilities too.. Oh.. and food.. mustn't forget food.

Narfi 01-10-20 05:18 AM

What happend
Is this discontinued?

tinyu 01-10-20 05:59 AM

If its still a think I nominate Classic Achievements

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