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Kaelten 06-28-05 02:55 AM

KC_Items - Preview Release
This thread is for feedback and discussion of KC_Items - Preview Releases.

You can dl this Mod Here:

Please give me some feedback about this as I need feedback to strive for greater things.

Osagasu_Jiyuu 07-01-05 07:50 AM

Been trying to use it, but it doesn't have any useful documentation, so I can't figure how to turn anything on.

Edit: Nevermind, it's just counterintuitive the way you have it setup.

I'd reccomend making it so /kci (blah) ? will show you the information.

Edit 2: Bug!

I use toggle in any case I gome up with this error:

"Interface\Addons\KC_Items\<name of command here>\KC_Ite
ms_..."]:370: attempt to call method
` CmdDisable' (a nill value)

Klairen 07-02-05 06:19 AM

Trying it out
Hi.. I am a current user of Auction Matrix, but I love KCET and AutoRepair, so I thought I'd give this a try.

As the gentleman before mentioned... I couldn't figure out how to use it. the /kci (option) commands keep giving an "additional input needed" message. I finally figured out to use the scan button and then some tooltip info displayed.

I ran the scan once and the info seems a bit off. It's hard to tell on the sell/buyout/etc prices, but the thing that really seems off to me is the "Number of times seen". If I reaed it correctly, it should reflect the total number of items seen (adding up for example, 10 auctions with 6 pieces each would give 60 times). The number after 1 scan is up in the hundreds... I did a manual check of 2 items, both of which the 'added up number of items' was less than a tenth of the number shown.....

Hope this feedback helps.

Kaelten 07-02-05 10:15 AM

hmm I'll look into to both of these bugs, I know on mine its seemed a little high at times on the qty shown, but on the ones I checked it always seemd like, "um well, ok. I guess that possible"

actually typing /kci ? <option> gives you more info

Arouin 07-06-05 04:40 PM

Not working
Ok, so, I'm not sure what I have done. It worked briefly. It says it's enabled, but I don't get any information in the tooltip.

I think this is going to be a great mod. I like what I got to see of it. However, it does need some work. Although, since this is only a preview version (and I feel lucky to have gotten to preview it :o)~ ), I feel confident that it will only get better :o)


Kaelten 07-06-05 08:39 PM

it just stopped working? does it start to work again if you reload your ui?

are you running any other addons that heavily influance the tooltip?

Dakotah 07-14-05 03:22 PM

I noticed that there was no tooltip info being passed when using AIOI (I was testing it briefly before deciding I liked MyInventory better). The tooltip info works just fine with MyInv, tho.

As for suggestions, I wouldn't mind being able to see a SellValue-like window where I could see the worth of my inventory (and be able to exclude things from said list). The auction info is nice, although I'd prefer a few display options for removing some of the lines (for example: I really only care about the prices...quantity seen and a reiteration of the amount I am mousing over is unecessary). The labels for the bid elements are a little off to me. I don't think of Actual Bid as Highest Bid for example. If it were "Avg Min-Avg Buy-High Bid" instead of "MinBid-Buyout-Actual Bid" I think it would be a little clearer. Of course, if you like them the way they are I can always poke around and change them myself. :P

I hope you continue to tinker with this, as it has great potential.

Kaelten 07-14-05 09:01 PM

thanks for the feedback, this is still a fairly early version with very little in the way of options done, and I'd estimate that only 50-60% of the planned functionality is even availalbe as of yet.

Keep an eye on it as you might be supprised at some fo the things that go into this soon.

Syxx 07-16-05 04:07 PM

Hi Kaelten, just upgraded to the new version (p 0.90c)
And I get a strange error only when I open my bank screen.


[string "interface\AddOns\KC_Items\sellvalue\KC_Item..."]:89: GameToolTip: SetinventoryItem is not a valid method.
Not sure if this is actually an error in your mod but I thought I'd better post just incase.



Kalia 07-16-05 04:20 PM

Hey Kaelten i got the same error as Syxx but not only one line 89 but 96 as well....

String: Interface\AddOns\KC_Items\sellvalue\KC_Item...
Line: 89
Count: 1
Error: GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem is not a valid method.
String: Interface\AddOns\KC_Items\auction\KC_Items_...
Line: 96
Count: 1
Error: GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem is not a valid method.

Kaelten 07-16-05 08:38 PM

erm... thats odd I'll look into it

Syxx 07-17-05 02:08 AM

If it's any help. I get the 89 error when I visit the bank in Stormwind. I get the 96 in Ironforge. The difference is Stormwind has you click on the banker, then click on "I want in my deposit thing" dialogue and Ironforge you go straight to the bank when you click the banker.

Hope that made sense. :o


Kaelten 07-17-05 11:14 AM

hehe actually I thinik I fixed it in the version I posted this morning, give it a shot and see if its still doing it.

Syxx 07-17-05 01:25 PM

I still get the errors. :(


String: Interface\AddOns\KC_Items\auction\KC_Items_...
Line: 96
Count: 1
Error: GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem is not a valid method.
String: Interface\AddOns\KC_Items\sellvalue\KC_Item...
Line: 89
Count: 1
Error: GameTooltip:SetInventoryItem is not a valid method.

Kaelten 07-17-05 02:02 PM

um open up that file and see if that section looks like this :


  self:Hook(GameTooltip, "SetInventoryItem", "GameTooltip_SetInventoryItem")
if it doesn't you have the wrong files. I'm about to check the DL here and make sure its dling the correct version.

Kaelten 07-17-05 02:04 PM

ok tested the dl and its fine. I'd try deleting your KCI folder and reinstalling and see if that fixes it.

Syxx 07-17-05 02:18 PM

I had already done that. I usually delete the old folder when I upgrade (saving an files for config if need be) and it still errored. I had to delete the Ace file as well to stop the error on my end.

Thanks for the Fix Kaelten! :D

Kaelten 07-17-05 02:31 PM

lol, well glad its working now, silly computers

luxus 07-23-05 02:07 PM

i just test it at the moment... the problem i have with auctioneer is the huge space in savedvariables it takes..
perhaps you can add support for
i allready seen that you are interessted cause of a comment from you..
please add support for this addon to reduce the savedvariables size

another thing i like to see is the autofilling feature for auctions from auctioneer .. i like it alot .. undercutting prices 5% automaticly

luxus 07-24-05 09:45 AM

i test a littlebit more and step back to auctioneer for the moment..
i lvling a druid at the moment on a new server.. so i get alot tradegoods for the AH but i am to lazy to check the prices i really love the suggested price for your item function in auctioneer
please add a function like this ..
rest looks ok for now.. i feel familar with the auctioneer tooltip.. the kci tooltip is very diffent in the first moment but i think this is not a problem .. perhaps you can make it setable .. so user can choice what they want see and what not

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