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Cairenn 07-11-05 05:13 PM

Read This First
Before you post:

1. Did you check the faq to verify the proper way to install your UI?

2. Did you make sure that the files aren't in a sub-folder within your custom folder? See this graphical interpretation.

3. Is there any chance that you have 2 WoW directories?

ie C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Blah blah blah and C:\World of Warcraft\Blah blah blah, or anything like that?

If so, that may be the problem. Try putting your ui files in the other one.

As well, make use of the Search button, as it is entirely possible that your problem has already been encountered and solved.

If after all of that, you are still having problems, please remember these things, when posting your help request:

1. Be polite. Show respect for other people's time, when you ask them to help you. Don't beg or grovel or SHOUT IN CAPS or be similarly lame

2. Give a good subject to your thread. Its easier for some one to help you if you have a good subject instead of something like “helperz me nowz!!!?!1.”;

3. What is the name of the mod? Provide a link for it;

4. What steps did you take to install the mod? Post your install path;

5. Be as descriptive as you can. Just posting you cant get xyz mod to work will result in no responce to your help request. The more information you can provide the faster some one will be able to respond with a helpful answer. Describe what AddOns you have installed, what you did that caused the problem, exactly what happens;

6. list the things you've tried and what happened for each of them.

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