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moon_river 12-06-12 06:42 AM

MOP opinions.
Hi guys! I'm thinking about buying wow complete pack, because i found it for 35. It's a good price, but honestly i don't want to waste my money. Someone told me that he regrets buying MOP. What about you? Do you think it's worth to buy?

Dridzt 12-06-12 08:11 AM

It's very hard to give an opinion that even remotely approaches objectivity.
A few millions of players bought it so I guess it was worth it for them.

My own very subjective opinion as an old player (have been playing without extended breaks since Aug. 05') would lean to 'no' (I'd probably have quit in Cataclysm truth be told if I wasn't involved with addon development, that's like a meta-game on top of the actual game that keeps it interesting)

But I can't really say what part of that is the game somehow changing for the worse or me just outgrowing it after all this time.

I can say that for a new player it's probably the best it has ever been (not sure how it stacks up against the competition for someone looking to pickup a new MMO that has no 'history' and social ties in WoW at all).
Compared to itself, it's more polished, streamlined and full of content than it ever was.

In my personal opinion and despite the above, it also lacks character and direction, trying to do too many things and be too many games at the same time, not all of which fit together.
There's also a distinct lack of attention to managing social interactions which degrades the community of the game.
I want to be clear on this I don't mean that the people playing WoW somehow got worse over time, I think it's always been a mix of players you can get along with and obnoxious types.
However gaming companies take steps to moderate that social environment both passively (through in-game mechanics, like loot rules, mob and resource tapping etc) and actively (through GM intervention where needed).

Over the last 2 expansions there have been alot of new features implemented in the "group play" department that tend to fragment communities with little to no countermeasures added to offset that.
Basically griefers get free reign while decent community oriented people can only 'retreat' to their guilds and friend circle and avoid the general populace.

As it happens I also take issue with changes to my favorite class of many years (warrior tank)
I've adjusted to alot of changes over expansions but never to this day felt that they pulled out the engine of the class.
It's now a hunter/shaman combo wearing plate, with a focus bar painted red and called 'rage', with totems called banners (fun fact: /run DestroyTotem(1) cancels your dropped warrior banner... talk about cross-class re-use...)
I liked the re-active and hectic nature of the gameplay, it's now all pre-planning and fighting your own resources.

TL;DR. Game systems are at their best, content is abundant, character is lacking (for me).

Magicalhats27 12-06-12 09:23 AM

In all honesty MOP strongly reminds me of BC. Ive been having more fun playing wow now, than I have in the past 2 expansions. I have a strong feeling its only going to get better. If you noticed blizzard has started to shift more towards community and away from convenience (correcting the mistakes they made in the last couple expansions). The only thing I don't like are how cross-servers are causing a negative effect on the gathering trades. Kinda sucks for low pop areas. Overall, Im pretty sure you know that wow is an addicting game and you probably wont have any regrets once you purchase it. I say give it a go.

Petrah 12-06-12 10:12 AM

I honestly thought I was going to hate MoP, and had considered for the first time since I began playing to actually take a long break. I'm glad I didn't as I'm having more fun now that I've had in a long time. As for the faction grind, I hate it and love it. Hate it for the time it takes (after doing dailies I have no time to run 5 man heroics), and love it for the time I get to spend with my sweetheart (he flies out on Sunday nights to California for a new job, and flies back home on Thursday nights) as we sometimes get to do the dailies together late in the evening (he logs in from the hotel on a laptop).

Yes, MoP is well worth it. Much better than the last expansion, IMHO.

Rilgamon 12-06-12 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by Petrah (Post 270292)
Much better than the last expansion, IMHO.

Nothing can be that bad ;)

They improved heavily! Went a little too far on the daily-train but are trying to compensate already.
See the latest gc interview linked in the news over at mmo-champion.

I enjoy it more than expected ... but I really hate to see all the longstanding api-problems/bugs still not fixed.

It is worth the money if you're not that much into characterdevelopment/roleplay ... questing, story, graphics, dungeons, raids are fantastic and you can spend hours and hours in azeroth again.

Just dont try to do all the things you can do at the same time ... there is way too much ;)

SDPhantom 12-06-12 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by Rilgamon (Post 270303)
I enjoy it more than expected ... but I really hate to see all the longstanding api-problems/bugs still not fixed.

I'm still waiting on a fix for the random "crash to desktop" that happens when opening the Dungeon Finder. :rolleyes:

That and after installing and patching completely, the game still thinks I need to redownload all of the continents and dungeons again. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have very limited bandwidth that takes enough time for the game servers to boot me during the download, causing the game client to freeze at the end of the loading screen. :(

moon_river 12-10-12 04:12 AM

I see. I think i'll buy it. Do you know any reliable stores online? I'm looking for something with low prices because i don't have a lot of money right now.

Rilgamon 12-10-12 08:52 AM

If you're patient you could wait for another offer like the one for 5.1 where it was 50% off in the blizzard shop.

SDPhantom 12-10-12 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by moon_river (Post 270483)
I see. I think i'll buy it. Do you know any reliable stores online? I'm looking for something with low prices because i don't have a lot of money right now.

In a lot of retail stores, Blizzard sets the prices and that's what they all sell it at. If you want something online, I'd suggest buying an account upgrade straight from Blizzard. The client already in use should have the required data already, you just login and play. If you're like me and like to collect physical discs, then I'd say go to your local store and pick one up. Most stores that sell computer games including department stores are likely to have copies still on the shelf.

Rilgamon 12-11-12 08:49 AM

hehe ...

Seerah 12-11-12 04:43 PM

Here's the US announcement:

moon_river 12-14-12 02:14 AM

Thanks! There is many of online stores selling WOW :P I don't know where to buy it. Do you know this one: I saw that they have low prices, but i don't know them :o

Phanx 12-14-12 03:27 AM

I'd recommend just buying it from Blizzard directly. It's on sale for $30 right now, and it upgrades your account immediately.

If you want to shop around, stick to well-known retailers like Amazon. I wouldn't trust sites that look like the one you linked. It could be legit, but it's more likely it's a scam of some kind; either they'll sell your credit card info, or they'll just take your money, never send you anything, and string you along for months hoping you'll just give up and they'll get to keep your money.

moon_river 12-17-12 12:42 AM

I bought Complete Pack at this store. Everything was ok. I'm started playing now :P

Kendian 04-13-13 02:13 PM

Kind of a necro, but I'm a lore junky, and I really enjoy the new story lines Pandaria introduced. The questing, in my opinion, was TOTALLY broken in Cataclysm, with a lot of choices in how you leveled, were taken away.

I was really happy to see they had opened up the paths to 90, as far as questing goes, in Panda Land~

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