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Wowgamer233 12-01-06 09:43 PM

Gathering skill level minimap tip
I'm driving myself crazy looking all over for a mod I used to have that, when hovering over the yellow dot of a mine / herb, etc on the minimap, added the skill required to pick / mine the item. So a yellow 126 under a herb shows I should go for it. But a red 196 means I should not even bother heading for it.

Could someone point me to the elusive mod so I can regain this very useful functionality.

Many thanks in advance. :D

Osagasu_Jiyuu 12-01-06 10:54 PM

Gatherer does it, IIRC.

Wowgamer233 12-04-06 12:01 AM

Not quite
Hmmm... many thanks for the quick reply. I re-installed Gatherer (from using Pinpoint) and the mouseover yellow dot on the minimap still only shows the item and not the picking skill required to actually pick it. :(

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