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Crazzyhorse 05-28-20 05:32 PM

Adding a block of multiple waypoints to TomTom
Hey I,m new here so I hope this is okay. I wanted to use TomTom to add multiple way points but realized Paste is gone. In the past that's how I did that...I went to Curse and tried to find something else...I found this thing called "Chat Copy Paste" so I read the description and it said it would work... well I installed but it doesn't even show up on my addons list period... I am sad that the guy who did paste went MIA, so I can't find anything to use....any ideas would be greatly appreciated..thx...Cheers!

Kanegasi 05-28-20 05:59 PM is a fork of Paste, works fine for me.

Seerah 05-28-20 09:02 PM

Are the keyboard shortcuts provided by your operating system not working?
(Ctrl-P for Windows and Cmd-P? for Mac)

Kanegasi 05-28-20 09:13 PM

Seerah, the point of those addons is that you can only put up to 255 characters in the chat box. It's the same limit for macros. These addons allow you to paste an arbitrary size of chat commands, such as a massive list of waypoints, instead of having to paste them one at a time. There's still a limit of 255 characters per line, but the addon will programmatically go through the list you pasted and submit each command for you.

Crazzyhorse 05-28-20 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by Kanegasi (Post 336073) is a fork of Paste, works fine for me.

Okay I downloaded the file. but not sure where to put it in the wow folder....nvr mind...I figured it out...thx!!

Kanegasi 05-28-20 11:09 PM

You install it like any other addon. There is a folder inside the archive you downloaded (some addons come with multiple folders). This folder or folders go into Interface\AddOns inside your WoW install. If you can't find the Interface folder, or the AddOns folder inside that, make them.

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