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Cindy1002 09-04-18 09:02 PM

Request: Daily Arathi Rare Kill List
Would be really nice if there was a mod that put a non-intrusive list of Arathi Rares on the screen that we haven't killed yet for the day.

Seem to be quite a few.

Edit... since the rewards don't appear daily I guess there's less of a need for this, but it'd still be nice to have a kill list to avoid missing any due to respawns and such.

Torhal 09-05-18 02:17 AM

If you have a LDB display such as Bazooka, NPCScan has such a list.

Cindy1002 09-05-18 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Torhal (Post 330002)
If you have a LDB display such as Bazooka, NPCScan has such a list.

Most npc/rare mods will have a list of all the rares in the zone. What I'm looking for is a literal kill list that will allow us to track our daily kills in the zone so we know we've 100% cleared it each day.

Torhal 09-06-18 10:22 AM

NPCScan only shows (by default) NPCs which either have no tracking quest or whose tracking quest has not yet been done, so if you see them in its list you know they're available to be killed. AFAIK the Arathi rares only reset weekly.

Haystone 09-06-18 04:44 PM

It's not a list but Handynotes with the Arathi Rares plugin can help with this, the skulls showing where the mobs are located on the map disappear once you've looted them for that cycle.

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