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thomasjohnshannon 02-10-21 01:00 AM

Can't reload via click on 9.0.5 PTR.
It seems like you can no longer reload the ui via a click on the PTR. If you attempt to call ReloadUI() it will cause an error. This block also includes custom alert popups. It still works via custom slash command or entering it into chat manually.

Seerah 02-10-21 01:57 PM

Did you try this?
Lua Code:
  1. C_UI.Reload()

SDPhantom 02-10-21 11:22 PM

It's a taint error, though /run ReloadUI() seems to work fine. This behavior is new as usually any protected function blocked to addons is usually blocked to scripts too.

Edit: /reload is even blocked from the SecureActionButtonTemplate.
This is definitely something to keep an eye on and see if it makes it to live. Sometimes changes like these don't.

thomasjohnshannon 02-23-21 12:23 AM

Tested this again today and they either fixed or reverted this because it was working again.

Ketho 02-23-21 06:03 AM

Meo reported it as a bug to the UI devs on IRC and as a github issue

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