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Foxlit 01-28-13 04:10 PM

SecureActionButtonTemplate: add LearnTalents/RemoveTalent as actions
Currently, the LearnTalents and RemoveTalent API functions are protected, and only called from Blizzard_TalentUI, which is prone to getting tainted in annoying ways. These API functions should be made available as SecureActionButtonTemplate actions, similar to how CastGlyph is accessible via the "glyph" action type of that template.

In theory, addons can already call these functions by performing a series of /click's on TalentUI buttons via SecureActionButtonTemplate, so adding explicit support for calling these directly from SABT does not permit addons to do anything they already can't do (if it weren't for the TalentUI/FrameXML/Addon interactions that taint TalentUI).

This would make it possible to work around the TalentUI taint issues by implementing a protected mechanism to swap talents in addons.

P.S. Speaking of glyphs, the "glyph" SABT action should also expose RemoveGlyphFromSocket, allowing glyphs to be removed as well as applied via the template.

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